Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Break 60

Winter Break 60 scorecard

Students know to keep our bodies healthy and fit we need to be physically active at least 60 minutes a day.  Easier said than done in the summer, than the winter.  So here is a challenge.

Use the Winter Break 60 scorecard and color in each day of Winter Break that you are physically active for 60 minutes or more.  FAMILIES CAN DO IT TOGETHER.  You can print extra copies below for each member of the family.  Students can return their Winter Break 60 Scorecard - signed by a parent - for a chance to win a prize from me!  They are due January 9.

Of course, make sure you are active on most days - it doesn't need to be all.

Physical activity ideas for the whole family!

10 great ideas for staying active in Beaverton!

Enjoy your family time!

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