Tuesday, December 10, 2013

P.E. Grades FAQs

Report Cards went home today!  Check out the P.E. grades!  I am very proud of many hard workers at Sexton Mountain. 

As you will see, Report Cards are different this year.  Reason being, WE can better understand the current skills levels of our students.  In other words, are students meeting their learning targets.  At least that is the hope.

P.E. teachers, like all teachers, are trying their best to adjust to this proficiency grading model.  We are all trying build this plane even though it has already taken off.

In fact, currently there is a content articulation team of P.E. teachers working on updating the P.E. learning targets and creating a rubric on how to grade using the proficiency model.  The goal is to complete this task by Spring to use beginning next year.  Meanwhile, P.E. grading may seem different at different schools.  For example, what I see as a 3 may not be what the P.E. teacher at another school sees as a 3. 

I have posted questions that you might have and answered them as best as I can.  If you have any other questions please let me know.  I will update the Q&A below if needed.

Q:  What do the scores 1, 2, 3 or 4 mean compared to the old D, M, E?

A:  We have been told for the first trimester, in content areas like without rubrics (like PE), we should consider.
            1 as a D at first trimester
            2 as an M at first trimester
            3 as an E at first trimester
            4 for exceeding end of year benchmark

Q:  What do the progress indicators (+,=,-) mean?

A:  For the trimester...
            - minimal or no progress in skill development
            = steady progress in skill development
            + significant progress in skill development

Q:  What was my student assessed on this trimester?

A:  Specific learning targets can be found on the blog posts titled “month PE Plans”.
Grades 3-5
This trimester, students worked on and were assessed on learning targets for these skills and concepts – foot dribbling, kicking, volleying, sports skills, muscle names, types of exercise, body changes during exercise, teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-management.

Grades 1-2
This trimester, students worked on and were assessed on learning targets for these skills and concepts – foot dribbling, kicking, underhand toss, loco-motor skills (skip, gallop), types of exercises, body changes during exercise, being ready for PE, working hard, and self-management.

Q:  In the Beaverton School District, are there official P.E. Learning Targets for Physical Skills, Fitness Concepts, and Social Skills?

A:  Currently, there are only long-term targets for 3rd grade and 5th grade.  Most P.E. teachers create learning targets based off those and adjust for each grade level.
The P.E. Content Area Articulation Team is currently working on long-term targets and supporting “kid-friendly” targets for grades K-5 with the hopes it will be done by the Spring 2014.

Q:  Last year, students in grades 3-5 each had a separate “P.E. Report Card” that showed specific skills assessments.  Students saw these score several times a year and they went home in June.  Will students have these “P.E. Report Cards" this year?

A:  I have always viewed these specific P.E. Report Cards as more helpful for the student to know where I thought they were on each skill or learning target we covered.  So it is my plan to continue using P.E. Report Cards this year.
However, with the report card changes this year, they are in DRAFT form and I haven't shown them to students.  My hope is they will first see them by the end of 2nd trimester, hopefully sooner.

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