Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November & December P.E. Plans

Time of the year when we remind ourselves to be thankful of who and what we have in our lives.  Several things I am thankful for include:
  • Seeing the excitement of a child when they accomplish something they had thought impossible...every day.
  • See the world through a child's eyes and learning from their perspectives.
  • Being a part of a great community and great staff.
  • My family and I are healthy and safe.
Enjoy this time of the year with your families!

November & December P.E. Plans

VOLLEY (Grades 3-5)
Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Volley (bump hit in volleyball) using the v-grip, straight elbows, bent knees, and contact with forearms.
Bump, not strike, the ball with forearms when volleying.
Use volleying in a game.
Use volleying, setting, and serving in a game.

Activities include several volleyball drills, Team Volleyball 2-Square, Box Volleyball drill, Volleyball game, King's Court, and peer video assessment using Coach's Eye app on iPads.

Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Step forward & arm back, then toss upward when underhand tossing.
Step forward & arm back, bend knees, then roll ball on ground when rolling/bowling.
Activities include several partner drills, Wishing Well, Rainforest, Turkey Bean Bag Tag, Rockin' Rollers, and Take-A-Chance.

FITNESS CONCEPTS (Grades 1-5) - Changes that happen to your body during and after exercise.  Exercises and which areas of the body to they help.  Names of large muscle groups.
Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Identify 5 changes that happen to your body while you are exercising and how can you tell.
Identify benefits of those changes.
Identify major muscle groups.

Activities include daily All-Star Warm-ups & Core Exercises, Line Tag, Medic, Snowball, and more.

MANIPULATIVE SKILLS - Jump Ropes, Hula Hoops, Spin Jammers
Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
I can spin the rope big and wide.
I can jump when "I see the rope" in front of my eyes.
I can "keep moving" when I hula around different body parts.
I can spin a disc on my finger nail(s).

Other games and skills include Climbing Rope, Wall Ball, Tetherball, Stilt Walking, and Skip-Its.

*Other games, activities, and goals may be mixed in based on time, development levels, or adjustments.

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