Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Over vacation, so many students tracked their commitment to daily physical activity on their Winter Break 60 scorecards.  I saw lots of proud faces as they turned them in to me this week!

I do know there were students who did not return scorecards, but were still physically active on their break from school.

Sexton students are developing great habits when it comes to being active everyday!  By the way, here is a great article for families on the topic of daily physical activity which was featured in a fabulous Health & Fitness section in Wednesday's Oregonian

This week, we have been using iPads to improve our physical skills through video skill self-evaluations using an app called Coach's Eye.  Students video record each other performing a skill we have been working on, then immediately evaluate themselves.  Also, students have been using an app called FitDeck Jr. students to work out!  Enjoy the photos!

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