Wednesday, November 20, 2013

P.E. Shorts (news)

The Hoop Shoot Contest begins on Thursday.  The next visit to P.E. for each 2nd-5th grade class, students who registered for the Hoop Shoot Contest will compete.  New participations can still register until December 6 or until their P.E. class during the week of December 10.

The Winter Break 60 will happen again this year.  It's designed to encourage students and families to stay physically active during Winter Break.  Look for more info soon!

My project on was funded last week!  Our P.E. program will receive 2 iPad minis to use in P.E. classes for the purposes of skill development, video peer assessment, video self-assessment, small group fitness activities, and more!

Report Cards will be going home soon!  Look for those P.E. grades.  More info on P.E. grades to come soon!

Go Timbers!

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