Monday, October 7, 2013


P.A.C.E. stands for Physical Activity Choices to Enjoy.

These activities are student-centered and allow students to work at their own pace.  Each activity provided during P.A.C.E. time is a physical skill students have either learned and practiced this year or in P.E. classes from the years past.  Students choose which activities they would like to improve on.

Their goal during P.A.C.E. time is to work towards proficiency at as many skills as they would like!  I encourage students to not only work on skills they may already be proficient at, but skills where they could use lots of improvement.

P.E. students in Grades 2-5 had their first P.A.C.E. time last week.  Grades 4-5 had the opportunity to work on jump roping, rope climbing, hula hooping, basketball shooting, hand dribbling, stilts walking, push-ups, sit-ups, hand plank for time, spin jamming, and scoops catch.  Grades 2-3 had the same skills except stilts walking.  Grade 1 will begin P.A.C.E. time in a few months.

Students use a P.A.C.E. Scorecard to record any skill or progression of a skill they achieved during P.A.C.E. time.  This way they can track where their skill is for each skill.

It was exciting to see so many students get so thrilled about what they just achieved, especially if it was a newly acquired skill!

Students, tell your parents about which skills you worked on during P.A.C.E. time!
Parents, ask you student(s) about which skills they worked on during P.A.C.E. time!

4th & 5th Grade P.A.C.E. Scorecard

2nd & 3rd Grade P.A.C.E. Scorecard

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