Thursday, October 10, 2013

October P.E. Plans

Remember when you learned how to jump rope or hula hoop?

I do.  Second grade...after two years of trying.  Let's be honest, right now hundreds of students here can hula better than me.

Remember the feeling when you finally could do the skill?

Recently, the first graders were taught the "tricks" to being able to jump rope and hula hoop.  They also had the opportunity to practice and show their stuff!  For most first graders at this point in the school year, it is tough (yours truly couldn't do it until second grade).  Many are excited and nervous.  Some get easily frustrated.

The lesson here is to keep trying.  If you quit, you will never do it.  If you keep trying, you WILL be able to do it.  And boy, when you finally do it........!!!

One of the many joys of being a P.E. teacher is seeing the pure joy and excitement a child has when they finally achieve something they previously thought to be incredibly hard or impossible.  Priceless!!!

Wow, and the wonders it does to confidence and how a child handles the next difficult task they encounter!  (more pics at end of the post)

October P.E. Plans

Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Foot Dribble under control and keep the ball close.
Use ALL parts of your feet when foot dribbling...and both feet!
Use your body to shield the ball.
Use the sides (mostly inside) of your foot when you kick.
Lock your ankle when you kick.
Plant your non-kicking foot when you kick.
Use foot dribbling and kicking in a game.

Activities include Pinball Soccer, Soccer Ball Tag, Numbers Soccer, Crazy Ball Soccer, and Kickball.

Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Step & Jump while alternating foot while you skip.
One foot in front, one in back while you gallop.

Activities include Pumpkin Patch and more.

FITNESS CONCEPTS - Changes that happen to your body during and after exercise.  Exercises and which areas of the body to they help.  Names of large muscle groups.
Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
Identify 5 changes that happen to your body while you are exercising and how can you tell.
Identify benefits of those changes.
Identify major muscle groups.

Activities include daily All-Star Warm-ups & Core Exercises, Goblin Tag, Crows & Scarecrows Tag and more.

MANIPULATIVE SKILLS - Jump Ropes, Hula Hoops, Spin Jammers
Learning Targets (Goals) for Skill introduction/development/improvement
I can spin the rope big and wide.
I can jump when "I see the rope" in front of my eyes.
I can "keep moving" when I hula around different body parts.
I can spin a disc on my finger nail(s).

Other games and skills include Climbing Rope, Wall Ball, Tetherball, Stilt Walking, and Split Bench Ball.

*Other games, activities, and goals may be mixed in based on time, development levels, or adjustments.

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