Thursday, April 10, 2014

Teammates & Books & Fitness Tests


This season reminds me sun, green grass, warmer weather, rain, and playing catch.

This month, all P.E. students are working on improving their throwing and catching skills.  They work on this in individual drills and as part of a team in games and activities.

Many of our students are also working on these skills while they play baseball, fastpitch, or T-ball this season.  Also, many of our students work on other skills while they play on sports teams in the Spring.

During these activities, one thing I like to praise is players who work hard at improving their skills AND also support and work with their teammates during the game.  This tends to encourage and remind those "silent" hard workers to remember they are part of a team and that means something.

A few "choice" tidbits heard in our gym when teamwork and sportsmanship is discussed:

Players who use TEAMWORK...
- work with others
- often think of teammates first
- make sure all actions help the team
- try their best or give their best effort

Players who use SPORTSMANSHIP...
- cheer for others
- support and help others
- are fun to play with
- follow game rules

Two books I highly recommend:

What Makes Olga Run?  The Mystery of the Ninety-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living, Longer Happier Lives by Bruce Grierson
She has 26 track and field world records.  She started participating in track and field when she retired.  What has Olga done to age so well?  Can we learn from her and apply to our own lives?  Great discussion about unlocking the mysteries of again.  Fascinating!  I have learned a lot.

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Eat food.  Not too Much.  Mostly Plants.  This easy to read book is not preachy, but poses many questions to think about concerning eating lifestyles.

Fitness Tests are coming soon for 3rd through 5th graders.  Our focus is for students to see how their body is doing.  How fit is it?  Which areas are doing well?  Which areas could use some work?  They are not graded on how many tests they pass.  Rather, you could say this is their yearly check-up.

Lately, we have been practicing the tests.  Feel free to practice together as a family.

PACER/Run (cardio strength)
Push-ups (upper body strength)
Sit-ups (core strength)
50 Yard Dash (lower body strength)

Shoulder Stretch (upper body flexibility)
Trunk Lift (core flexibility)
Sit and Reach (lower body flexibility)

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