Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gym Shorts - April

Helloooooo, Spring!
  • Report Cards went home on March 21.  Take a look at those PE grades!  See the prior post about PE Grades for more info.
  • The annual BSD P.E. Showcase was on March 20 at Sunset HS.  Our twenty 4th & 5th graders were fantastic!  They played "Battleship", a teamwork/throwing/lower body fitness game, in front of crowd of over 1,000 people.  We were one of 18 Beaverton K-8 schools to demonstrate to the community what goes on in today's P.E. classes.  After the show, a Sexton parent sent me this note - 

"The showcase provided us as parents, an opportunity to see some of the great activities in our different schools gym classes.  It demonstrated that fitness can be fun and beneficial at the same time and it brought awareness to funding levels.

More importantly for (my child) however, I think the opportunity included her in a group that emphasized health and fun encouraging her to make a "choice" to join that lifestyle."

  • On the horizon for PE this Spring - throwing, catching, fitness tests (grades 3-5), wall ball masters, and going outside!
  • Field Day is Friday, June 6!  More details to come.  We will again be looking for as many parent volunteers that we can get!

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