Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wall Ball Masters Results

It was a fantastic Wall Ball Masters tournament.  We saw endless amounts of dives, jumps, twists, crazy hits, and fun.  What we did not see were tears.  Instead we saw hand shakes, high fives, fist bumps and we heard "Good game", "That was a fun game", "You are fun to play",  and more.

Every competitor was a good sport.  Some work hard all year long to play well in this tournament.  Sometimes it does not go as expected.  Regardless, the competitors handled winning or losing in an amazing manner that blows me away.  So proud.

The Wall Ball Masters tournament concludes with each classroom winner competing in their Grade Level Championship.  These are the results...

5th Grade
1st Place - Preston
2nd Place - Hoby
3rd Place - Justin
4th Place - Brian

4th Grade
1st Place - Michael
2nd Place - Kentaro
3rd Place - Jacob

3rd Grade
1st Place - Go
2nd Place - Aidan
3rd Place - Aiden

2nd Grade
1st Place - Caleb
2nd Place - Ian
3rd Place - Mauricio

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