Friday, June 17, 2016

April All-Stars

We like to recognize All-Stars in P.E. class.  An All-Star is someone who tries their best at everything...playing well with others, following directions, making good choices, helping others, using teamwork, being a good sport, playing safely, trying new and challenging tasks, and more.

Running fast, scoring goals, making baskets, evading captors, winning contests are all fun and exciting, but there are outcomes of effort.  Sometimes there are out of our control.

Therefore, we reward the process...effort and growth.  Everyone controls their effort...which often produces growth.  No matter how big or small, growth is growth.  Kids do notice it.

Here are the students who were recognized this week in P.E. for their effort.  There were definitely more All-Star efforts in P.E. than just from these students.  I look forward to recognizing more students next week!

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