Friday, December 11, 2015

Who is the Teacher again?

Today, I was reminded I can learn something from ANYONE!  My moment of "Aha!" came from a 5 year-old Kindergartener.

We were playing Survivor, a game I have taught for 16 years and seen thousands of people play...including adults.  Object of the game is to go from point A to point B without touching the floor and teams have equipment to help them accomplish the goal.  

The focus is teamwork...helping, listening, talking, problem solving, thinking of others.  Students are left to their own devices to figure out solutions to the many problems they will encounter in the game.  Over the years, I have seen great problem solving, but a repeat of similar solutions.  

This intuitive 5 year-old was stuck in open space on an immobile big scooter with another student and had no equipment to help them move.  (Keep in mind they cannot touch the ground.)  A problem for sure, but not one I have not seen hundreds of times over the years.  

Did she give up?  Nope.  What she did do was find a solution I have never seen used by any player of any age in 16 years.  She used her hands to rotate a scooter wheel and inch at a time.  The process took about 1 minute to move a combined 100 pounds to their destination.  AWESOME!

I love what these kids can do!

Meanwhile, here are photos of teams who accomplished their Survivor goal this week.

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