Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hula Hoop Masters

Our first annual Wall Ball Masters Tournament has ended.  Over 100 students from the thirteen 2nd-5th grade classrooms chose to participate.

Most impressive were the smiles, the "Good Game"'s that were said, the support from fellow competitiors, and kids taking a chance to compete for fun.  No tears were shed and no taunting or bragging was ever heard.  Oh yeah, and the Hula Hooping was outstanding.  Without further ado...

2015 Hula Hoop Masters

5th Grade
McKenna, Emma (master), Ruby, Gwen

4th Grade
Brody, Danielle (master), Melina

3rd Grade
Chloe, McKenzie (master), Sean

2nd Grade
Alyson, Rozzlynn (master), Cin-Ya

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