Friday, August 29, 2014


The gym is spotless and ready for PE students to be active!

I have already seen a few students and families.  Some great stories were shared about summertime adventures.  I look forward to seeing my Sexton PE students and hearing about more activities they experienced.
I very much enjoyed time with my family.  My kids, wife, and I camped at the coast, hiked the Gorge, paddle boarded in the Puget Sound, mountain biked the Bend/Sunriver area, watched the World Cup, cycled Washington County, and read lots of books!

Sexton Mt. PE announcements!!!

  • Students in Grades 1-5 will have PE every three school days this year!!!  Going from every four days to three is a step in the right direction.  I am so pumped to see every student more often!
  • Sexton Mt. is 1 of 9 Beaverton schools whose PE program received an innovation grant last spring.  We will be receiving 7 iPads with the goal of implementing ways that mobile devices can help students achieve PE learning targets and be active.  Mobile devices are here to stay, might as well learn how to use them to keep us active, not inactive.
  • Which days are PE days?
    • A & D Days - Lucas/Simpson, Shotola, Baldwin, Cobain-Soto, Hayhurst, Tsakistos
    • B & E Days - Stratton, Hunt, Pfaff, Cohn, Martin
    • C & F Days - Bartlett, Tanksley, Olson, Antich, Weigel

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