Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wall Ball Masters

This year's Wall Ball Masters are crowned!

The purpose of the Wall Ball Master tournament (besides a chance to play Wall Ball) is to have all interested kids have a chance to experience friendly competition.  With that brings up great chances to discuss the best ways to handle the up/downs or win/losses of competition.

Each class had a class tournament where kids had to win Wall Ball matches to qualify.  Players who qualified played in the single elimination tournament.  Eventually, a classroom Wall Ball Master won the class tournament.  Here are the Wall Ball Masters of each classroom:

Krueger – Sunny
Tanksley - Jacob
Tsakistos – Arman
Stratton – Lively

Hunt – Drew
Lucas – Daniel
Shotola – Gavin

Pfaff - Alex
Baldwin – Jacob
Olson – Weston

Weigel – Taj
Hayhurst - Preston
Antich – Christian

Classroom winners competed against other classroom winners in their grade to determine the Wall Ball Master for each grade.  Here are the Wall Ball Masters of each grade level:

5th Grade
Master:  Sunny
Runner-ups:  Jake, Arman, Lively

4th Grade
Master:  Drew
Runner-ups:  Gavin, Daniel

3rd Grade
Master:  Jacob
Runner-ups:  Weston, Alex

2nd Grade
Master:  Christian
Runner-ups:  Taj, Preston

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